Videos on RemiWave Pro and Bioresonance

We have collected videos on the instruments so that you can see them at work. Additional YouTube videos in German can be found on our Holimed channel. Many of these YouTube videos have English subtitles option that can be activated in the YouTube window. NOTE: Some of our videos can also be played in HD resolution. YouTube usually switches automatically. You may see a red HD next to the gear icon in the timeline, or you can select HD 720p in the menu of the gear icon if your Internet connection is fast enough. Please click on the thumbnails to play the videos. If the web browser on your PC is unable to display the embedded videos, please click on the direct Link to Youtube below the headlines.

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  • RemiWave Pro Bioresonance Part 1

    Link to YouTube
    This video explains the stand-alone operation and the basic functions on the front panel. You will learn about the input and output channels, the mode selector, the information source switch, and the main control switch.

    YouTube: RemiWave Pro Bioresonance Part 1

  • RemiWave Pro Bioresonance Part 2

    Link to YouTube
    We talk about the wave range in which the RemiWave Pro bioresonance device can work. This is followed by an explanation of the Holimed Automatic Mode for bioresonance. We show you why precision is important for bioresonance. Additionally some product safety aspects are discussed.

    YouTube: RemiWave Pro Bioresonance Part 2

  • RemiWave Pro Bioresonance Part 3

    Link to YouTube
    Find bioresonance parameters within seconds with the RemiWave Pro WaveScanner. This software allows you to find bioresonance settings within just a few seconds. Using an energetic test method such as kinesiology, electroacupuncture acc. Dr. Voll, or any other method, you just click on the +/- buttons to enter your test results. On average, the parameters will be precise enough after only five to seven tests.
    This video is also available in high resolution here.

  • YouTube: RemiWave Pro Bioresonance Software Part 3

In addition, a 50-minute video is available, recorded by Tom Stone during an online seminar. Tom explains here the operation of the software to RemiWave Pro.
Due to its file size (5GB), the video is not public. It is intended for users with an Internet flatrate. Please, ask for the link to this video here.