WaveScanner for RemiWave Pro and RemiWave Com

The WaveScanner from Holimed is a milestone in bioresonance.

You are probably familiar with the so-called bioresonance programs. These are limited by nature, and you cannot be certain that the default parameters will match exactly in an actual case. In general, the programs often need to be adjusted slightly. Using WaveScanner, you can eliminate this time-consuming procedure. And, if you have neither a matching program nor a test specimen in an actual case, then WaveScanner is the quick and easy solution!

What is WaveScanner?

There is a close interaction between the extended RemiWave PC software and the RemiWave bioresonance electronics. The software controls the bioresonance device in line with your test results. You only need to click on either the  Positive or Negative button on the screen. The rest is done by software.

How many bioresonance programs do I have then?

A total of about 4 million program settings for bioresonance are available.

How long will it take me to find the right program?

In most cases less than 3 minutes.

Which test method do I need to know?

The WaveScanner can be used with all energetic test procedures that allow a “suitable” or “nonmatch” statement. The test methods most commonly used are EAV (electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll), kinesiology, tensor rod, RAC, but also the older VEGATEST or the arm lengths-reflex test.

Screenshot of WaveScanner for bioresonance

How do I use the Wave Scanner?

With Holimed’s sophisticated user-friendly method, it is all very simple:

  1. Connect the person to be tested with RemiWave Pro and start the WaveScanner function on the PC.
  2. Test with EAV, kinesiology, tensor rod, RAC, or any other method.
  3. Go to the WaveScanner window on the screen and click whether the response to the test was positive or negative.
  4. Your RemiWave bioresonance device will readjust automatically.
  5. Now test the person again.
  6. Continue Steps 2 through 5 until the WaveScanner displays an on-screen message indicating that the scanning process is complete.

That’s it. Nothing else is required.

In the example in the picture, only seven steps were necessary to find the right setting.

What else can the WaveScanner do for me?

You are probably very aware that fewer and fewer test preparations are available for energetic methods. The WaveScanner works completely without any test preparations. In other words, it operates by default with endogenous bioresonance. You no longer have to depend on the availability of test kits. In addition, test kits are usually expensive and you will have only a few of them. But if you simply do not have a suitable test specimen for an actual case, then the WaveScanner will help you quickly and easily.
Moreover, an unexpected phenomenon emerged while developing the instrument: If a real key frequency has been found, then its effect on the EAV reading result is similar to that of a simile. This means that it is not only the energetic irritation at a single EAV measurement point that disappears, but many irritations, and often even all of them. This is a huge time saver when using Bioresonance and EAV as well as other test methods.