Inexpensive bioresonance with bioswing Pro

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Important: Due to the pandemic, we would like to point out that bioswing Pro is currently not available.
If you are interested in the device, please register with us so that we can inform you when the device is available again. We can also make you an interesting offer for RemiWave Com as an alternative to bioswing Pro.

  • bioswing Pro was created as the successor of our “hit” of the 1990s, bioswing Practice. Important insights gained over many years have been incorporated into the electronics and software to make bioresonance even more efficient.

  • bioswing Pro is very easy to use. The detailed user manual (which comes with four-color graphics) will enable you start using the device almost immediately.

  • Like the RemiWave product line, bioswing Pro can process the extremely low frequencies down to 0 Hz (which is DC). [Hz = Hertz = cycles per second]

  • The upper oscillation region goes up to 500,000+ Hertz, that is, almost radio medium wave (AM radio).

  • bioswing Pro has one input and one output channel.

  • Both A and Ai (in phase or inverse) application modes are available.

  • The application time is adjustable between 3 to 36 minutes.

  • The application time can be adjusted between 3 to 36 minutes.

  • bioswing Pro has the extended Holimed Automatic Mode for easy operation when, for example, transmitting test substances and performing basic regulation.

  • Two constant modes are available for Martin Keymer’s cross-linked test technique and for the so-called inverted test of samples.

  • With its specific price/performance mix, bioswing Pro is intended mainly for users who
    – want to work exclusively with test preparations,
    – do not want a laptop at work, or
    – are working within tight budget limits.

  • The Holimed bioresonance devices are virtually maintenance free. A self-test function is available as well as a cable test. AND: The bioswing bioresonance devices are factory calibrated. Recalibration is rarely necessary, but can be carried out at the factory upon request at a reasonable cost.

  • All Holimed devices (Bioresonance and EAV) operate with standard rechargeable batteries and are suitable for mobile use. You do not need a mains electricity connection.

  • Holimed Bioresonance and EAV devices are powered by rechargeable standard batteries. These are available from your dealer. To replace the battery, the device does NOT need to be sent in for servicing.

  • To charge the batteries, an optional fully electronic charger (240V AC) is available if you do not have a suitable charger already. However, we recommend using a locally sold charger.
Combination: bioswing Pro bioresonance device and biocheck Pro EAV device

Combination: bioswing Pro bioresonance device and biocheck Pro EAV device

Included accessories:

  • High frequency cable red/green
  • Hand electrodes red/green
  • Four high-performance rechargeable batteries
  • Full four-color illustrated instruction manual

More information can be found in our 24-page brochure and the information packet on Holimed bioresonance instruments and EAV devices. Please request the documents here.
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