biocheck Pro – the EAV device for professional use

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Important: Due to the pandemic, we would like to point out that biocheck Pro is currently not available.
If you are interested in the device, please register with us so that we can inform you when the device is available again.

  • Dr. Voll defined how electroacupuncture measurements according to Dr. Voll (EAV) are to be shown on the scale from 0 to 100. biocheck Pro is calibrated according to Dr. Voll’s scale.
    Please note: You cannot generally assume that all EAV devices available on the market are calibrated. Independent tests in 2007 showed significant differences in some other products. For more information, click here.

  • In addition to the “old” EAV measurement mode with high measuring current, the EAV system biocheck Pro has the EAV low-current mode developed by Holimed. This low-current mode goes back to the findings of Dr. Kramer—another EAV pioneer alongside Dr. Voll in the 1970s.

  • If you are not using the EAV PC software, you will see the maximum display of the last measurement directly on the device. This is especially important for getting the last maximum value when measuring an indicator drop.

  • The measured value is converted into an audio signal. After a short period of training, you will soon be able to use the sound to estimate the value without having to watch the scale on the instrument. This audio feedback speeds up the measurement process and enables you to recognize indicator drops immediately and clearly. The volume is adjustable.

  • The large scale ensures easy reading—even from a distance.

  • With the acoustic point locator, you will also quickly find difficult surface measuring points.

  • The comfortable biocheck Pro PC software for recording the measured values, including the five-element interpretation makes measurement fast, clear, and even a pleasure. It is available as an accessory.

  • With the database extension for biocheck EAV Pro PC software, you can quickly compare the changes in the measured values between sessions and discuss the findings.

  • The biocheck Pro is connected to your PC or laptop via a fiber optic cable. Thus, no unexpected electric current or PC noise can flow from the PC to the measured person and affect the measured values.
  • All Holimed devices (Bioresonance and EAV) operate with standard rechargeable batteries and are suitable for mobile use. You do not need a mains electricity connection.

  • The Holimed Bioresonance and EAV devices are powered by rechargeable standard batteries. These are available from your dealer. To replace the battery, the device does NOT need to be sent in for servicing.

  • To charge the batteries, an optional fully electronic charger (240V AC) is available if you do not already have a suitable charger. However, we recommend using a locally sold charger.

  • You can check the correct functioning of the device yourself.
The biocheck Pro EAV device.
Included accessories:

  • Measuring probe (optional standard or Kramer-style electrode)
  • Reference cable with the reference electrode
  • Test tray connection cable
  • Four high-performance rechargeable batteries
  • Full four-color illustrated instruction manual
  • Measurement sheets for copying
  • Graphics to the terminal points.
  • Service bulletins


More information can be found in our 24-page brochure and the information packet on Holimed bioresonance instruments and EAV devices. Please request the documents here.


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* The software from Holimed is for PCs with Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (these are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.)