Holimed bioresonance devices

Since 1994, Holimed has been developing bioresonance devices for different user needs.
This guide will help you to quickly decide which is the right device for you
  • RemiWave Pro
    is the complete professional bioresonance device providing all functions—with or without a PC. It can be used stand-alone or connected to a PC/laptop. It comes with the RemiWave Pro PC software for easy full remote control of the bioresonance device. The RemiWave WaveScanner is available as an accessory.
  • RemiWave Com
    is the “little brother” of RemiWave Pro. It has the same bioresonance core, but comes without an integrated test tray, bioresonance programs, or a database for saving your own programs. It also has only one input and one output channel. The RemiWave Pro bioresonance PC software in its basic version is included along with the WaveScanner. In a nutshell: RemiWave Com is designed for those users who want to work with the WaveScanner, but without bioresonance programs.


  • bioswing Pro
    is the bioresonance device for those users who essentially want to transfer pretested substances energetically or apply basic energetic regulations but do not require a connection to the PC. The processed oscillation range is about half as broad as in RemiWave bioresonance.

The left column presents pictures of the various devices and a list of direct links to the product pages. A single click on either the image or the related link will immediately show you the product page.

The bioresonance devices compared

FeatureRemiWave ProRemiWave Combioswing Pro
Oscillation range0–1,000,000 Hertz (1 MHz)0–1,000,000 Hertz (1 MHz)0–500,000 Hertz
Extremely low frequenciesYes, since production began in 2002Yes, since production began in 2011Yes, since 1994 (bioswing Practice is its direct predecessor)
Direct current (DC) Mode
Yes, since production began in 2002Yes, since production began in 2011Yes, since 1996 (bioswing Practice is its direct predecessor)
Holimed-Automatic Mode for stand-alone operationYes, extended versionYes, extended versionYes, standard version
A and Ai modeYesYesYes
Connection to PCYes, USB / fiber cableYes, USB / fiber cableNo
Integrated test trayYesNoNo
Input/output channels2 of each1 of each1 of each
Constant setting *10 for Martin Keymer’s cross-linked test techniqueYesYesYes
Integration of EAV with biocheck Pro SoftwareYesYesNo
Bioresonance programs300+ programs, Impulse program, WaveScanner optional (add-on), database for your own programsWave Scanner is part of delivery, Single Program transmission to instrumentNo
Own user bioresonance programsNearly unlimitedNoNo
Freely programmableYesYesNo
Self-calibrationCan be activated anytimeCan be activated anytimeFactory calibrated
Self-test functionYes, extended version via PCYes, extended version via PCYes, standard version
Cable test functionYesYesYes
Power supply4 Standard NiMH rechargeable batteries4 Standard NiMH rechargeable batteries4 Standard NiMH rechargeable batteries