The Bioresonance Device RemiWave Pro

RemiWave Pro highlights

  • RemiWave Pro can be used stand-alone. However, it can be remote controlled from a PC/laptop to exploit the full range of features.

  • RemiWave Pro is the most powerful bioresonance device with an oscillation range from the extremely low frequencies, including DC voltage, to radio medium wave (AM radio). It ranges from 0 Hz to 1,000,000 Hz (= 1 MegaHz). This is almost six times the range of a well-known and far more expensive device from one of our competitors.

  • With RemiWave Pro PC software, you have more than 300 bioresonance programs for many applications at your command.

  • RemiWave Pro is a two-channel unit with mutually decoupled input and output amplifiers. This means, for example, that signals will not short-circuit when you use both hand and foot electrodes—a major problem with several devices form competitors.

  • Both A and Ai (in phase or inverse) application modes are available.

  • You can adjust the application time between 5 and 30 minutes or set the unit to continuous operation. Per PC, you can set the duration to virtually any length of time.

  • RemiWave Pro also has the extended Holimed-Automatic Mode for easy operation.

  • Two constant modes are available: Martin Keymer’s cross-linked test technique or the so-called inverted test of samples.

  • Two special functions are available: frequency sweep pause and skip frequency range.

  • The convenient PC software for RemiWave Pro allows fast and flexible work with bioresonance programs. You can also create and save almost any custom-made program with just a few mouse clicks.

  • The WaveScanner is a special feature of RemiWave Pro that is found only in Holimed instruments. Using WaveScanner, you need only an average of five to seven steps to quickly and easily find the right bioresonance setting from the roughly 4 million possible bioresonance program settings. The WaveScanner is available as an add-on option.

  • Holimed bioresonance devices are virtually maintenance free. A self-test function can be activated anytime via PC. A cable test is also available. AND: RemiWave bioresonance devices are calibrated. They include complete calibration electronics with the option of resetting the instrument to the state it was in at the time of delivery. Some competitors’ devices often show significant deviations of the real instrument setting from what is set on the instrument panel. Natural aging processes and higher temperatures lead to more significant deviations. This will NOT happen with RemiWave.

  • You do not need a mains electricity connection. All Holimed devices (Bioresonance and EAV) operate with standard rechargeable batteries and are suitable for mobile use.

  • Holimed Bioresonance and EAV devices are powered by rechargeable standard batteries. These are available from your dealer. To replace the battery, you do NOT need to send in the device for servicing.

  • To charge the batteries, an optional fully electronic charger (240V AC) is available if you do not already have a suitable charger. However, we recommend using a locally sold charger.
Combination: RemiWave Pro bioresonance device and biocheck Pro EAV device. Combination: RemiWave Pro bioresonance device and biocheck Pro EAV device

Included accessories:

  • High frequency cable red/green
  • Hand electrodes red/green
  • PC software with program settings for more than 300 applications
  • Fiber optic cable with USB adapter to connect to your PC/Laptop
  • Four high-performance rechargeable batteries
  • Full four-color illustrated instruction manual

More information can be found in our 24-page brochure and the information packet on Holimed bioresonance instruments and EAV devices. Please request the documents here.
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* The software from Holimed is for PCs with Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (these are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.)