Good reasons for choosing RemiWave Pro Bioresonance

You are thinking about buying a bioresonance device and comparing the offers?
There are a number of reasons for choosing RemiWave Pro—compare them for yourself


1.Modern technology: In some other devices, you will still find technology dating back to the 1980s.
2.Hi-Q filter technology in RemiWave with constant narrow band passes over each area (in contrast to the textbook-band filters from another provider).
4.All our bioresonance devices since 1994 can process extremely low frequencies.
We were the first to apply this technology.
3.Our bioresonance devices also have the ability to process DC voltage (i.e., 0 Hertz) and slow fluctuations of the voltage on the surface of the skin. All our units have been equipped with this modern technology since 1996.
Anyone with some test knowledge can use the WaveScanner to verify how important this is. In approximately 30% of cases, these extremely slow fluctuations are relevant for balancing energetic irritations (e.g., measured with EAV). Do other bioresonance devices offer this function?
5.The wide oscillation range: The first bioresonance device from Holimed in 1994 already had almost three times the frequency range of its competitors. The bioswing Pro devices range from 0 Hz to about 550,000 Hz. RemiWave devices range from 0 Hz to 1,000,000 Hz.
One frequently offered device from our competitors can only handle waves in the range from about 10 Hz to about 180,000 Hz. The highly relevant bioresonance settings above this range found so often with the WaveScanner CANNOT be obtained with such devices.
6.The Wave Scanner Technology: The Wave Scanner makes about 4 million programs available. By carrying out a simple positive/negative test, you will find the ideal bioresonance device setting in just a few steps and you can apply it immediately—even without test kits.
7.RemiWave Pro is fully programmable. All parameters are easy and quick to set using comfortable, modern PC software.
8.You can create your own user bioresonance programs in just a few steps, and you have thousands of program memory spaces available for both single and multiprograms (program chains).
9.There is a special impulse program to overcome energetic blockages when initially no compensation of energetic irritation (as measured with, e.g., EAV) seems possible.
10.More than 300 standard programs are included for many applications (RemiWave Pro).
11.Users of the test kits marketed by the naturopath Martin Keymer will find the setting “constant * 10” directly on the device.
12.Users who apply bioresonance and electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV) simultaneously will find comfortable graphical EAV measurement recording software. This also provides a chart for evaluations based on five-element theory.
13.Without the PC, you can use the Holimed automatic mode for bioresonance. No settings are required. Over the last 20 years, there have been thousands of cases in which the automatic mode has proved to be effective for energetic balancing. It is to be found in all our bioresonance equipment in an adapted form.
14.The Holimed bioresonance devices are virtually maintenance-free.
A self-test function can be activated anytime via PC.
A cable test is available.
Holimed Bioresonance and EAV devices are powered by rechargeable standard batteries. These are available from your dealer. To replace the battery, the device does NOT need to be sent in for servicing.
AND: The RemiWave bioresonance devices are calibrated. They include complete calibration electronics with the ability to reset the instrument to the state it was in at the time of delivery. Some devices from competitors often reveal significant deviations between the real instrument setting and the setting on the instrument panel. Natural aging and higher temperatures lead to more significant deviations. This will NOT happen with RemiWave.
15.All Holimed devices (Bioresonance and EAV) are suitable for mobile use and do not require mains electricity.
16.The technical features of the Holimed bioresonance devices are verifiable. This is not always possible for other products and especially for devices based on radionics.

These are just some of the important features.
If you have further questions, we shall be pleased to help you. You will find the contact data here.

(EAV is the abbreviation for electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll)