EAV and bioresonance terminology

The Test tray

A test tray is a metal block with holes or wells for the test samples.

Test preparations are placed in these holes during the EAV resonance test. For this purpose, the test tray is normally connected in parallel to the reference electrode of the EAV device. This can be done by wire or internally within the device.

Similarly, the test tray is used for the bioresonance transfer of energetically tested substances. In this case, the test tray is connected to the input of a bioresonance device such as bioswing Pro. The test tray can also be integrated directly in the device (see RemiWave Pro). In this case, appropriate measures can be taken in the device to compensate for noise problems (e.g., hum from electrical wires and sockets).

The Holimed test tray for EAV and Bioresonance.

The Holimed test tray for EAV and Bioresonance.