EAV and bioresonance terminology

Scalar waves

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about scalar waves in our energetic methods industry. In various media, you can find adverts claiming that one or the other product works with mystical scalar waves. Frequently, these are products that would not have much to offer or might even be just banal without the use of this term. What’s this all about?

The idea of scalar waves goes back to the private thoughts of Prof. Meyl, who is no longer allowed to use them in his teaching following a university ruling. He had tried to reinterpret Maxwell’s equations on electromagnetism. But, such complex mathematical equations cannot be solved in the same way as a simple mathematical addition or subtraction. To gain a result, you have to define boundary conditions or initial conditions. However, if these conditions are not consistent with the real world, then you can “tinker” away and produce any solution you like. These solutions are then just fantasy or located in the field of science fiction, and these solutions are no more than a mathematical gimmick.*

In addition, all the experiments proposed by Prof. Meyl in order to confirm the existence of scalar waves have been explained by scientists on the basis of normal physics and without any scalar waves. In addition, Prof. Meyl’s mathematical approach has been proved to be simply wrong. On the Internet, you can find many sources dealing with the mind games on scalar waves, as well as why they are untenable. But there are also some esoterics who simply love this kind of science fiction and do not want to be taught any better.

Dipl. Ing. Eberhard W. Eckert has written a fine book in which he gives literally 1001 reasons why there are no scalar waves in our universe. Unfortunately, the book, Skalare Wellen und Elektromedizin [Scalar Waves and Electric Medicine] is available only in German. However, there is one article in English entitled Electro-Magnetic Scalar Waves: Fact or Fiction that can be requested from: www.eckert-medizin.de (Ew_eckert @ yahoo.de). We shall give just one practical example from the book: Military- and aviation/aerospace radar technology has to measure energies extremely precisely. If scalar waves were to really exist, then one or the other mathematician or physicist would have noticed over the years that the energy received (the radar image) differs from the theoretically calculated energy because some of it has been converted into scalar waves. However, there are no unexplained deviations and therefore no scalar waves.

So, if you come across a product that advertises with scalar waves, please take care!

* In mathematical gimmicks, you can, for example, also keep on changing the Planck constant (an elementary physical constant) until people can apparently walk through walls. All it takes is minimal changes to the constant. But, in this case, our world would not exist at all, and there would be neither a wall nor something that could walk through it.