EAV and bioresonance terminology

What’s behind a bioresonance modulation mat or magnetic mat (flat coil)?

If you are interested in bioresonance accessories, you will occasionally come across manufacturers offering modulation flat coils, modulation mats, or bioresonance magnetic field mats.

The principle

If you come across a company offering this sort of design (although these devices are now often hidden in opaque plastic), you should consult a physics textbook or Wikipedia before buying. Why?

Well, we shall quite simply apply an electrical voltage to the “coil” and see what happens.

For this, we need the three fingers “corkscrew rule” of electrical engineering. If you have not learned this rule in school, then you can find out about it on the Internet through Wikipedia and many other sources.

Modulation Mat Schema


When electric current flows

The electric current will flow to and fro from the input wire to the output wire. It is immediately apparent that the current flowing in what is here the vertical direction (red arrows) always takes opposite directions. The current in the horizontal direction flows continuously from left to right in the example (i.e., it does not change its direction).

This has quite specific consequences!

The current generates a magnetic field that has, in accordance with the corkscrew rule, a certain direction. Because the current in the vertical directions is flowing in two opposite directions, the magnetic field also reveals opposite directions in the upward compared to the downward path.

Modulation Mat: Magnetic Field Distribution


No magnetic field

Magnetic fields taking the opposite direction cancel each other out in such closely winded arrangements. As a consequence, in the vertical paths, the magnetic field one or two millimeters away from the wire is practically ZERO.

This is illustrated in the following diagram.

The only parts of the “flat coil” that generate a magnetic field are the horizontal components. Here, the magnetic field is aligned in the same direction.
This has one further consequence.

Because the vertical sections DO NOT generate a magnetic field, they can be omitted. In the same way, we can push together the horizontal wire pieces. This is illustrated in the next diagram.

Modulation Mat: Null-Field Area


All that remains is a “wire”

So what is left of the “flat coil” is nothing more than a piece of wire.
And this should modulate something?

Modulation Mat: Reduced to Wire


  • Whether such a piece of wire makes any sense for bioresonance is something that everyone must decide for themselves. In the end it is nothing more than a short circuit between the jacks with a simple wire.
  • Charging—or paying—substantially more than € 20 for this would seem to us more than questionable . . . .
  • If somebody claims that it can be used to carry out a magnetic field application, then—in our opinion—this is a sign of inadequate qualifications.