EAV and bioresonance terminology

The extra low frequencies

Other manufacturers emphasize the extra low frequencies as being something new. However, this is not the case. Holimed already conducted research in this field in 1993 and 1995/96. The very first bioswing bioresonance device in 1994 was already able to process the extra low frequencies down to 2 Hz.

Further EAV tests showed that even slower electric fluctuations down to electrostatic fields play a role. Therefore, the next generation of bioswing bioresonance devices was built fully DC-coupled; that is, they process even direct electric current .

This was not an easy task and a real technological challenge. Since 1996, the bioresonance devices belonging to the product lines bioswing and RemiWave are able to process even the lowest possible “frequency,” which is DC (0 Hz). This enables them to process DC fields and extremely slow voltage fluctuations on the skin surface. Do you know of any other device with this feature?

The frequency range of RemiWave Pro.

The frequency range of RemiWave Pro.

Today, thanks to the new WaveScanner function in RemiWave Pro, anybody can use, for example , EAV to check which frequencies are advantageous for creating energetic balance. When working with the WaveScanner, we found that the energetic balance can be quickly achieved in about 50% of cases by using these extremely low frequencies. Please also see the section on Frequency range.