EAV and bioresonance terminology

EAV resonance test

The resonance test is a basic element of electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV).

It is based on the phenomenon that measurements at acupuncture points and EAV measuring points that do not display a value of 50 will change to the value of 50 when an energetically “suitable” test preparation is placed in the test tray. The reason for this behavior at the measurement points is still unclear.

The resonance test proceeds as follows:

The first thing to carry out is an EAV initial measurement. The result is a profile of measured values. Some readings may be at 50; others, not. The aim of the EAV resonance test is now to find those preparations that will compensate all the readings and bring them to 50. These test preparations are typically grouped thematically in test kits.

The search for the right test preparations can sometimes be complicated. This is why, more than 12 years ago, we at Holimed developed a method that applies different tools and greatly simplifies the entire testing process. This makes it possible to perform a resonance test in a few minutes.

The EAV basic resonance test can be performed with or without a bioresonance device. However, in some cases (e.g., Ai test/inverse test) and with some test materials (e.g., the test kits marketed by the naturopath Martin Keymer), a bioresonance device is essential.

The latest developments in the RemiWave Pro Series offer a particularly rapid variation of the EAV resonance test that works completely without test preparations. Often, it takes only one test run to immediately achieve a complete balancing of several energetic irritations Such a cycle with the RemiWave Pro bioresonance device and the PC software takes less than a minute. This new feature is provided by the RemiWave Pro WaveScanner. Please see the videos.