EAV and bioresonance terminology

EAV device calibration

Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV) is an absolute measurement method. This means that all measurements made anywhere in the world can be compared with each other and all measurements of an individual can be compared with each other.

It follows that EAV devices must have the same mapping curve of measurement on the EAV scale. For technical reasons, that is not guaranteed in all cases. Some users who are upgrading from an old to a new device have reported that the EAV measuring results with the new device differ from those with the old one. Exact tests then show that the new device is calibrated correctly, but that the old one is not.

An EAV user who had three different devices of different ages asked a TV technician to measure them for him. This produced the following results:

EAV device calibration comparison

EAV device calibration comparison

There are many reasons for the deviations. The EAV devices belonging to the Holimed biocheck® line use a precision measuring method and perform the processing digitally. This is why biocheck devices show little to no change, even after years, when, for example, they are sent in for routine checks.