28 Years of Competence in Bioresonance and EAV

Since it was founded in 1994, Holimed has become a leader in the field of bioresonance. bioswing Practice and bioswing Pro are milestones in the development of powerful yet inexpensive bioresonance devices. RemiWave Pro goes even further and delivers special features at an affordable price. With biocheck Pro, electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV) has become quick and efficient—measurement is almost a pleasure. Check whether you can find such devices at this price anywhere else.

Earth with Sine WavesIn the past 26 years, we have delivered thousands of units throughout the world. Our users work mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, France, Finland, Greece, and the Asian nations. In the US, our products were marketed under the brand name WaveMaker and there is even a WaveMaker Coaching Community. This is all only thanks to the reliability and maintenance-free operation of our equipment. Most of our devices, even the first ones from 1994, are still in use today.

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We have prepared the following information for you

  • Basic information on Bioresonance and EAV
    (EAV is the abbreviation for electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll)
  • A description of the features of our EAV devices and bioresonance instruments
  • Useful background information on Bioresonance and EAV
  • Training videos on the basics of Bioresonance and EAV
  • A listing of seminars in the current period
  • Notes to cooperation partners
  • A brief overview of the history of Holimed
  • And, of course, the contact data

First, some basic information on EAV and Bioresonance:

The electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV)

First of all, it is necessary to understand the difference between what is commonly known as electroacupuncture and electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll. In simple electroacupuncture, relatively small handheld devices are used to apply an alternating electric current to the skin while an electrode is placed on an acupuncture point (if possible). Users hope to gain an energetic “activation” or “calming.”

In contrast, modern
Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll
—abbreviated EAV—
is a pure measurement method

For the measurement direct electric currents in the microampere range are used. The measuring current traditionally used in EAV is comparatively high and is in the range between 5 to 16 microamperes. Dr. Kramer has already stated in the 1970s that this current is too high and the measurement in sensitive individuals may be inaccurate. Therefore Holimed has already drastically reduced the current in 1994. This low-current mode with only 2.5 microamps is, to our knowledge, only available from Holimed.

The measured values can be represented as a graphic profile (e.g., via software). The early days of EAV even saw the use of various AC voltages, but today we know that other methods such as bioresonance are far more appropriate. We also know that applying AC voltages may well make measurements less precise.

So what is the EAV?

The EAV Terminal-Nodes on the Hand - English

EAV was defined in the 1950s by Dr. Reinhold Voll. Drawing on insights gathered over the preceding 50 years, Dr. Voll went on to significantly expand and systematize EAV. In essence, it is a measurement method. A special electronic system is used to measure electrical skin resistance at acupuncture points and so-called EAV measuring points. The measured values are then categorized and displayed graphically.

These EAV measuring points behave in a different way than “normal” skin, because the measured value is broadly independent of the measurement pressure (within limits). This is called the plateau effect of EAV. Research has defined EAV normal values as being around the value of 50 on a special scale. All other values are categorized as energetic irritation. These can be high values, low values, or indicator drops (and, in rare cases, even indicator rises). We use a special rating scheme to classify the importance of different values for achieving a quick balancing to 50.

This balance is reached by what was initially a chance discovery: If a matching test substance is placed in a test tray connected to the measuring circuit, the irritation on the node disappears almost immediately and the EAV instrument shows a measured value of 50. If the substance is removed from the test tray, the prior reading (i.e., the irritation) usually reappears. This phenomenon has been given different names, but is known today as the EAV resonance test. Side-note: A test tray is a special metal block.

5-Elements Illustration in English

Originally, only the priority rule was available when deciding how to use the EAV resonance test to compensate the measured EAV values as quickly as possible. But one important tool is available that was rarely considered in the past: the extended five-element theory developed by Martin Keymer and others. It allows us to structure priorities in energetic imbalances and classify them better. However, determining the significance of the individual elements has always been a difficult and tedious task. Holimed has therefore developed a mathematical method that converts the EAV readings into a five-element graph. With five-element theory, we now have a new and even a superior graphical method with which to quickly recognize the energy problem areas and how they interact. You can, so to speak, see it on-screen right away. This makes the EAV resonance test even faster and more effective.


Bioresonance was originally developed from electroacupuncture acc. Dr. Voll (EAV), but is equally applicable today in all energetic methods such as kinesiology, RAC, or the tensor rod.
Illustration: Hand with Bioresonance Waves
In the 1970s, it was found that the signal from the test tray can be processed electrically before returning it to the person being tested. Normally, the resonance effect disappears when the test preparation is removed from the test tray; that is, the irritations reappear. But if the electrically processed signal is sent to the test person, then the balance indicated by the EAV normal value is maintained—even when the electronics are switched off and all cables are disconnected. The specialist term for this procedure is exogenous bioresonance. Further studies showed that so-called bioresonance programs could also be used to send the signal to the test person over bioresonance with the same effect. This is known as endogenous bioresonance.

However, the bioresonance effect is very dependent on the characteristics and the quality of the electronics. We already did a lot of intensive work on the boundary conditions in 1992/93. Therefore, in 1994, the first instrument from Holimed, the bioswing® Practice, already handled a significantly expanded frequency range compared to other providers: It extended up to 400,000 Hertz and already included the extremely low frequencies. At that time, most instruments had a range of approximately 150 to 180,000 Hertz. We from Holimed were the first to become aware of the importance of extremely low frequencies. Over the next few years, we extended the frequency range even further. Thus, in 1996 we expanded the extremely low frequencies by adding the DC voltage range (i.e., 0 Hz). This means that Holimed’s bioresonance instruments are able to process the very slow DC voltage fluctuations on the surface of the skin. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only suppliers of this feature. In 2002, we also expanded the upper limit of the wave range to 1,000,000 Hertz (= cycles per second). That is the AM radio frequencies.

RemiWave Bioresonance Frequency RangeWe process this whole area with the gold standard of bandpass electronics: the so-called analog HighQ bandpass filters that we have specially extended and optimized for bioresonance. Again, to the best of our knowledge, we are the only manufacturer to use this technology in bioresonance.

Nowadays, there is much “digital hype” and the inestimable advantages of analog technology have been almost forgotten. In the digital world, there is always a lower limit of what can be recognized and dealt with. Typically, in the digital world, the limit is reached—within a reasonable cost and a meaningful dynamic range—at a few microvolts. In the analog world, we do not have these limitations and can advance into the world of picovolts and femtovolts. This is a difference of six orders of magnitude. Even if the analog electronics are much more difficult to master, it is worth the effort to gain a resolution that is a million times higher.

One very practical feature of Holimed bioresonance:

The RemiWave-bioresonance devices have an automatic calibration that compensates for the inherent aging of components even after years of use. Once again, to the best of our knowledge, we were the first to offer this feature. Our measurements on other bioresonance devices have shown that the real data measured by the device often differ significantly from those displayed on the front panel. This does not happen with our RemiWave devices. Our bioresonance devices are thus virtually maintenance-free. And, of course, professionally equipped electronics technicians can check the data themselves—something that is not possible  with other products and especially devices based on radionics.


You can find more information in our 24-page brochure and the information packet on Holimed bioresonance instruments and EAV devices. Please request the documents here.


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