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Versatile and easy-to-use bioresonance systems

RemiWave Pro

bioswing Pro


The professional system with two separate and decoupled input and output channels.

More than 300 ready-to-use settings for numerous applications.

The standard technology since 1994. 

The mobile and handy entry-level system.

The bio-resonance is based on the phenomenon that the electrical characteristics of acupuncture nodes change during and after a bio-resonance application. If we, for example, use the electro-acupuncture according Dr. Voll (EAV) and have measured node values other than 50, then, after the bio-resonance application, the values will be at 50 which represents the so-called ideal value. The measurements of the EAV are based on the electrical skin resistance. The resistance values are calculated to the scale values of the instrument via mathematical formulae.

The cause for this phenomenon is not deciphered scientifically yet. There are different hypotheses about this phenomenon. To mention a few, there is the bio-photons system according to Professor Popp or the researches of William Ross Adey, M.D. He found, many years ago, that chemical or electro-chemical alterations to cells can be triggered by weak signals which must stay within a certain voltage window. This observation lead to the concept of the Adey-Window. Furthermore there are various other additional hypotheses and theories.

There are different kinds of equipment on the market which are called as a bio-resonance devices by the producers. We at Holimed define the concept of bio-resonance systems according to the original discoverers:

A Bio-Resonance system is a device or a combination of devices which filters the signals connected to the device with the help of adjustable and high selective band-passes and the system provides clearly defined amplifications or attenuations to the input signal at the output of the instrument.

We at Holimed do not categorize devices as bio-resonance instruments, which elude a laboratory measurement and verification, such as mechanical devices or so-called radionics devices or radionics software, or simple switched amplifiers.

We use in our instruments exclusively very selective band passes or band pass systems which are narrowband and can be adjusted precisely. The sampled oscillation range i.e., the frequency scan area, is at

  • bioswing 

  • 0 (DC) to approx. 450kHz
  • bioswing  Pro 

  • 0 (DC) to more than 500kHz and
  • RemiWave Pro 

  • 0 (DC) to 1MHz (1,000kHz)

    A very special feature of our devices is the Automatic Mode, which requires no special settings. The devices are very easy to use.

    The system RemiWave Procan be adjusted almost freely by PC which is connected to the instrument via optical fiber cables.

    Because our instruments are used in the cold of Alaska to the heat of Arizona and must work always reliably under both environmental conditions there is a dedicated Automatic Calibration system built into RemiWave Pro.

    Furthermore, this calibrating system allows for a quick and easy compensation of natural influences such as parts-ageing without having the need to return the instrument to the factory for maintenance or checking. Additionally, the integrated self-test function of the instrument checks important basic functions automatically.

    And finally, all our systems supervise the signals at the equipment output channels and warn or switch-off the device automatically if interfering signals are detected, such as electro-pollution or false use of operating modes .

    All our systems are separated from the 240V/110V wall-power for safety reasons and operated exclusively through standard rechargeable batteries.

    Please find out more about our instruments on the following pages.

    The bio-resonance and the electro acupuncture according Dr. Voll (EAV) are scientifically controversial and the teaching medicine is not appreciating the methods in some countries yet. All information on this internet presentation is related to energetic treatment. Any form of energetic treatment does IN NO CASE replace traditional MEDICAL TREATMENT.
    In accordance with remedy advertising law in Germany the following information is at doctors' and non-medical practitioners' disposal. For users in Germany: This area is accessible via a password.

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